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Take Two Solutions was founded in 2007 by Rob Verzera, former CEO of Regsoft.com. Since its inception, the goal of Take Two has been to partner with vendors in a collaborative manner, giving our vendors a voice and ensuring that their needs are addressed directly. Much of the platform development derives directly from vendor feedback, ensuring that our vendors receive the features they require and their customers demand. Offering the features that one would expect, such as shopping carts, multiple currencies, and localized order forms, along with our philosophy of active vendor participation, will help to solidify our position as an industry leader in E-Commerce.

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Take Two Solutions News

Jun 25, 2009 - Take Two Solutions Launches Fully-Localized Pricing

Take Two vendors now have the option to specify product pricing in any of the over 40 currencies we support, including any custom fields you define. You can now ensure that your customers receive the experience you expect from a fully localized ordering process. Sign up today to try it out, or login now.